That Patriots are waiting for the 2017 NFL draft, and they have made it clear about their compensatory picks meaning that they know how to go about it. Following their trends, one can predict that one or two Rutgers players will be coming into the team. The picks will also take into consideration the missed picks of 2016 offseason; they lost Akiem Hicks and Tavon Wilson but instead signed Shea McClellin and Chris Long.
They have several good players to evaluate for all positions right from defensive to offensive. Records show that Patriots have  selected an average of nine players per draft since 2000. They are eligible to eight selections this year not inclusive of the compensatory picks.

The Patriots Draft Needs

The Patriots will have to take their time before making any pick. The 2017 NFL draft has good players on the waiting list. The Patriots have the opportunity to make the running back strong. Leonard Fournette and Calvin Cook are some of the best players that they can opt to bring to the team. There is also need to take care of tight end position, the class in this area is talented, but there is a need for more input in the running game. The right person for this position is Martellus Bennett who did well when in Rob Gronkowski’s place.

The other need is to settle matters of the cornerback. In 2016 the Patriots placed several players on the cornerback. The Patriots will have to look for a good player to replace Ryan if he decides to walk out. Desmond King can be a good replacement for Ryan. Free agency pick can take care of the area of concerns like tight end and cornerback.

What Picks do they have?

The Patriots have several picks in the 2017 draft with the 32nd pick starting in the first round. The 2017 NFL draft will be in Philadelphia on 27th to 29th of April. Here are the picks that Patriots will be eligible to throughout the draft. First round 32nd pick, second round 32nd pick with 64 overall, third round 32nd pick with 96 overall. The original fourth round pick had some challenges; it faced a league penalty and was traded to Browns. Fourth round 24th pick and 120 overall, fifth round 19th and 146 overall and the last one is the seventh round 21st pick and 210 overall.
The sixth and seventh original round picks were also traded to Lions. The traded picks depend on what the one whom the picks were traded to gets from NFL. The potential compensatory picks are not included in the list of available picks.

Who They Might Pick

Now that the draft is just around the corner the question on possible Patriot’s pick is being asked by everyone. The issue of priority is crucial at this stage. You can have confidence in the Patriots to make the best picks being the Super Bowl champions. The last records can be of great help here; they have always used the first-round selection to pick a defensive player.

The Patriots in the past have left some of their good players to go for better deals but fail to get a suitable replacement. Christian McCaffrey is available for a pick and can bring in a good input; he is one of the targets. The other players who are good and on high demand are Tim Williams from Alabama, Quincy Wilson of the University of Florida, Jabrill Pepper who is being targeted by many teams and David Njoku. All these picks can do good work for the Patriots is they happen to get the opportunity to pick them. The primary objective for Patriots is to fill in the gaps and have a strong team.