*Tom Brady: One of Football’s Finest:

Tom Brady is certainly a recognizable name within the world of professional sports. Tom Brady had a successful and very memorable career. Brady was so very fortunate to acquire so much success at a young age.

Tom Brady did contribute a great deal and his career is certainly something that people will probably never forget. This American football quarterback is only one of two players to win five super bowl games. That in itself is an accomplishment that any football player should be proud.

Going as far back as 1990, Brady was named “Male Athlete of the Year”. The “Male Athlete of the Year” was given to Brady by the Associated Press. This was actually the first time that an NFL player was honored in such a way since Joe Montana. Tom Brady expressed his gratitude for this great honor.

A major accomplishment within Tom Brady’s career came in 1998. In 1998, the Wolverines successfully won a total of 20 out of 25 games. This victory would have never occurred had Tom Brady not joined the team. Later that very same year, Tom Brady set an unbelievable record for completions in a 36-16 loss over Ohio State.

Due to Brady’s hard work and achievements, Michigan ended up sharing the Big Ten Conference. Sharing in the Big Ten Conference occurred in early 1999 and it brought Brady much well deserved recognition.

Brady seemed to be one of those players that just seemed to get better with every game he played. Brady never seemed to suffer any major setback or losses that painted him in a negative light.

Another stunning victory for Brady came in early 2004. Tom Brady led the team to a 32-29 victory against the Carolina Panthers. Later that year Tom Brady was named Super Bowl MPV for the second time.

The 2005 season seemed to place a great deal more pressure on Tom Brady. Two team players suffered injuries and were unable to play. Therefore, Brady was dependant upon even more. Brady prevailed once again when he successfully finished first within the league. Brady had 4,110 passing yards along with 26 successful touchdowns.

Brady and the Patriots were able to complete the season with a 10-6 record. The 10-6 record won the team their third AFC east title. Brady seemed to adjust to any situation and he always gave it everything he had in order to come out a true winner.

Seasons 2006 through 2008 were memorable seasons within the NFL mainly because of Tom Brady. Brady managed to finish the 2007 football season with 4800 passing yards. In addition, Brady managed 50 touchdowns within the 2007 season.

The 2007 football season was later named the “Greatest passing Season of all Time”. ESPN was responsible for proudly naming the 2007 football season in Brady’s honor.

In late season 2008 Brady suffered his first major injury. Therefore, Brady was forced to sit out some of the remaining games. In 2009, Brady experienced his very first home play off loss.

In 2010 Brady gladly signed a contract worth $72 million dollars. This generous contract made Brady one of the highest paid players within the NFL. Brady was also able to achieve 100 regular season wins within the 2010 season.

Brady continued to amaze the public with his spectacular sports ability and his record breaking wins. At a 2016 post season game Brady threw 32 of 42 passes for a total of 384 yards. Brady had the honor of hosting the Vince Lombardi Trophy five times within his football career.

Tom Brady will truly be remembered as a football legend. Tom Brady has had more success than anyone could ever imagine at the young age of 39.